I love you, love you and love love love me do...

Here are 30 of the things I love about you!
1. Spiritual inspiration to me!
2. Loving Husband
3. Wonderful Dad to our children
4. Your memory is unbelievable!
5. Your talent for story telling.
6. You can still give me a piggy rides!
7. Sense of humor
8. Your intensity and passion
9. You always think and act like a matured, wise, intelligent man.
10. Athletic
11. Your love for geopolitics and history!
12. You were the best in your class. Means that you are a hardworking and smart.
13. You are a super handy man!
14. Loyalty to your family, country (err...), and religion.
15. Integrity of a high degree
16. Dedication to anything you put your mind to.
17. You can win ANY debate! (maybe not with me, coz I always win)
18. The tender moments you have with our children.
19. You let me have party after party after party, and don't complain.
(it's just tea party, a not club party..lol)
20. Supportive nature
21. You are a man of high level of patience.
22. I can trust you with anything!
23. You are always coming up with the most bizarre scenarios and solutions to them! ha ha
24. You are a clean and tidy person!
25. You do research on anything and everything!
26. If you get an idea in your head, you HAVE to see it come to pass!
27. Your passion for reading.
28. Love of the outdoors!
29. You are a great help to me with kids, callings, cleaning, etc..
30. You have the best work ethic of anyone I know!

I love you ayang!
All these qualities and many more are the reason I am proud to call you MY husband!