Yong suka sangat suara Christina Perri ni.
Serak2 lunak.
Ever since dengar suara dia nyanyi lagu Jar of Hearts,
Yong dah jatuh cinta...bila dengar rasa touching nak nangis.
Entah nape ntah.
Memang ntah hapa2..

Music video Jar of Hearts pun bagi Yong agak menarik untuk dilayan banyak kali, sebab interpretation lagu tu disampaikan melalui dance choreography.
And some of the dancers in this music video were finalist from contest So You Think You Can Dance.

Who's Christina Perri ni?
Dia ni musician yang trying so hard to get into mainstream music business.
She made a demo tape of Jar of Hearts, then bila Stacey Tookey dengar lagu ni,
she fell in love with it. She even used this song in one of the show So You Think You Can Dance, performed by Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick.
It was beautiful!

Okay, you guys may want to go visit Youtube and watch her music videos.
It's an artistic performance to be appreciated.

Anyhow, her latest song, Arms ...oh I'm enjoying this tune very much.
It's just makes me feel homey, loved and cared.
It makes me think of my husband and my little ones.

Her voice is much better when she's performing live.
Oh God....I love her!