Taking care of 3 children alone is not an easy task.
And now decided to take care of them while juggling for work and pursuing double degree..arghh!!!
Honestly, I'm not sure how to handle these chaotic life.

My left ankle is killing me, seems that Arcoxia is not helping at all. I'm not sure why suddenly my feet begins to trouble me at the midst of starting a new life.

I love being a full-time homemaker. It's what I love the most. But life isn't easy, money is everything these days. Hope not to have any liabilities by the age of 40. I want to get comfortable at that age. Travelling around the world maybe...with D3 as my loyal companion. Ahh...not to forget, will tag along with me, is my awesome husband. I love him dearly!

Today is a busy day...and the day is yet to be over. My kids are screaming with their screeching voice, wahhh....I don't need any radio to make my house sound alive. They always do it on regular basis...I mean, if they can, they'll do it like 7-eleven, 24/7!

I'm missing my husband (he's away..off to work again), and my youngest child is 300km away from me...urghhh, I feel partly empty, damn!